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Why does Man exist? Break it down to the simplest, most primitive elements. Man exists to:

hunt, eat, procreate, sleep, repeat....

animated spearfishing target

Now, prey tell, what hunting site would be complete if we omitted 2/3 of our world? I am, of course talking about our underwater realm. Let's start with my scrapbook to get your adrenaline pumping!


Canary rockfish
How 'bout that canary rockfish! I speared that beauty and his pal in 1998.
Cabazon and abalone
Here's a nice cabazon and a couple of abalone taste sniffed by Bones, age 6, in 1998.
Albacore tuna
An albacore tuna I gaffed off the California coast in 2002.

Lots more pictures are on the way so check back soon!

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