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Randy's Ad-VEN-ture Page - Adventures in mountain biking, cycling, mountain climbing, back country skiing and kayaking.
Randy's Tenets of Time - The tenets of my way.
A Mind Dump from the Horse's Head
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Here Be Dragons - The "More Power" cold water diving resource guide.
Randy's Spearfishing and Freediving Page - Devoted to the pursuit of ocean delicacies.


Ducktor "Bones" Decoy - Our Chesapeake Bay retriever.
Libby Lou - Our chocolate labrador retriever mix.
Maximillian - German shorthaired pointer + english pointer cross
Yola "Annie" von der Westwind - Our german shorthaired pointer.


Great White Birdhunter - Waterfowl, upland game, turkeys and dogs.
Hunting and Fishing Links
State Departments of Fish and Wildlife - Directory of parks, natural resource and game commissions in the United States and Canada.

Chukar Buffet

  1. How To Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  2. Academy of Alectoris Chukar
  3. Guns to Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  4. Gear to Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  5. Dogs for the Desert
  6. Where To Find Wild Chukar Partridge
  7. Hunt Strategies and Tactics for Wild Chukar Partridge
  8. Chukar Partridge FAQs
  9. Chukar Tales and Red-Legged Liars
  10. Weather Conditions and Forecasts for Chukar Country
  11. Chukar Partridge References

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