Sweetwater Mountain Bike Trail

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Trailhead: 9 miles northeast of Folsom, California
Technical Rating: Intermediate
Caloric Rating: Thin
Mileage: 2.7 mile one-way addition to Dike 8 or Salmon Falls
Total Climbing: ~200 vertical feet
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The Sweetwater Basin Wildlife Area trail isn't enough mileage to warrant a ride by itself, but you can add it to either the Folsom Dike 8 trail or the Salmon Falls trail if you want that little something extra. Or, you could ride all three, Dike 8-Sweetwater-Salmon Falls and back, for a truly epic, all day ride.

Whew! That is more than I can do. I prefer to add the Sweetwater trail to the beginning of the Salmon Falls trail. This combination saves me a couple miles driving in my truck and it's all good single track. Plus, at the end of the ride, I have more options. I can zip back to my rig on the road if I'm running short on steam or time, or, when I have the energy and clock, I can ride Sweetwater in reverse to get the horse back to the barn.

I'm including a 0.8 mile tie track from the end of the Folsom Dike 8 Trail and a 0.5 mile tie track to the beginning of the Salmon Falls Trail in the GPS data files.

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