Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Mountain Bike Trail

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Trailhead: 4.4 miles south of Meyers, California
Technical Rating: Expert
Caloric Rating: Fat
Mileage: 20 mile loop
Total Climbing: ~2500 vertical feet

The trailhead is at an elevation of 7200 feet and the ride begins with a tortuous 1700 vertical foot climb along the Tahoe Rim Trail to the real beginning of Toads. The descent into South Lake Tahoe is highly technical and dangerous with drops up to 6 feet and evolves into a wild roller coaster ride near the bottom with sweeping bank turns. If you can handle the upper portion, you're going to love it!

Many people ride this one way with a shuttle from South Lake Tahoe back to the trailhead. This cheat cuts out the 6 ½ mile climb back to your car where the real suffering occurs. If I catch you taking the easy way back, be prepared to take some abuse. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a truly unforgettable mountain bike trail. If you want to live to tell about it, ride only what you can ride.

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