Mickey Mouse Mountain Bike Trail

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Trailhead: 10 miles northeast of Folsom, California
Technical Rating: Expert
Caloric Rating: Average
Mileage: 14 mile loop
Total Climbing: ~2000 vertical feet
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This loop is a variation of the Salmon Falls mountain bike trail. You'll begin at the same place, i.e., the Salmon Falls bridge and traverse the singletrack which winds along the north shore of the south arm of Folsom Lake until you come to the Flagstaff Hill trailhead.

It's not really a trailhead and few people even know the name of the hill, but I've marked a waypoint here so there won't be any ambiguity. At this waypoint, split off from the main singletrack trail to begin the fire road climb to the top of Flagstaff hill. The climb is steep enough to keep you breathing and there are enough rocks to keep your attention all the way to the top. As long as you dodge the rattlesnakes, you'll be just fine.

The top of the climb is marked by the ruins of a Fiat X-19. Now for the fun. The Mickey Mouse trailhead is about 15 yards north of the carcass; it's not obvious, just a little break in the manzanita. This spot was marked for years by a Mickey Mouse doll from whence the trail derived its name. The doll is gone now but you have my waypoint! There is lots of broken glass for the first few yards, I carry my bike and then remount when the trail widens enough to ride without ripping my legs on the manzanita.

The trail is steep, narrow, rocky and very, very technical; tight switchbacks and drops make it even more dangerous (fun). This is a mountain bike trail which should NOT be attempted by inexperience riders! You'll drop 500 vertical feet and climb another 300 before completing your descent back down to the Flagstaff Hill grade. Downhill to the Salmon Falls Trail and back to your rig.

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