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This directory is a service to help you find GPS data to a mountain bike trail near you. I am not associated with any of the websites listed in this directory. If your site is not included or you know of one I've missed, please email me. Listings are free, however I would appreciate a link back to this site in return.

United States


GPS Mountain Bike Trail Guide - GPS waypoints, routes and tracks to California mountain biking trails. This is my page so check it out!


Mountain Colorado - Descriptions, maps and photos of Colorado trails. "Future enhancements will include GPS maps." We're waiting.

Connecticut - Connecticut Mountain Biking Community, GPS tracks from 27 trails and counting!


Florida Geographic Data Library Trails Database - THE Source for Florida digital trail data. There's probably a way, but I don't know how to get their data into your GPS.

Florida Mountain Bike Trails - Comprehensive listing of Florida mountain bike trails. Includes GPS track images for some of the trails but not the data. You may be able to get the data from the trail submitter as many people have contributed to the database.


Southwestern Idaho Trail Maps - Dozens of hiking and biking trail in southwest Idaho in GPX format. GPX format bread crumbs are available or you can download a printable topographic map of each trail in Adobe PDF format. Dave has even written his own mapping program, Wissenbach Map3D!


RaidiohMTB - Describes trails from around the world but only has GPS data (in MapSource MPS format) for six trails in Maryland, one in Virginia and a couple in southern California. Trail information includes elevation profiles, aerial photos and GPS tracks overlaid on 3D topographical trail maps.


Mountain Biking with Team TopoGrafix - Seven trails are covered and they have GPX (GPS eXchange) files for all.

New York

Spidertrace Mountain Bike Page - Five Long Island trails with more to come. No GPS data currently, but waypoints and track logs are promised!


Virtual Mountain Bike Trails at French Creek State Park - Very cool 3D trail images with overlaid GPS tracks. The data is not currently available online. :(


East Tennessee Mountain Bike Rides - Good maps to lots of trails but GPS data is limited to trailhead waypoints.


Joe Martin's Northwest Mountain Biking - GPS maps in TPG format for a dozen trails in Washington and one in British Columbia.


British Columbia

Trail Peak Mountain Biking - Comprehensive listing of B.C. north shore mountain bike trails. Includes GPS data for more of them all the time.

United Kingdom

Tracklogs - Routes, leagues and digital maps for all across the UK. A nominal fee is charged for each track you download but you can get credits for each you upload.


Jeremy's Mountain Bike Page - 10 Rural rides with maps and GPSU data.

South East Asia


Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Hash - A "must see" site if you mountain bike or hike in Malaysia. Excellent descriptions and pictures for dozens of trails. Includes GPS waypoints for navigating the trails, but unfortunately, you'll have to cut and paste them from the website into your software. This site also includes A Primer on GPS Use for Mountain Biking and help with choosing Which GPS to get? for mountain biking and hiking in the Malaysian jungles.


Mountain Bike Trails Gallery - Narrative, photos and GPSU files for 3 trails.


trailace - Where technology meets singletrail. This young website is designed to distribute GPS trail files from mountain bikers to other mountain bikers and from cyclists to other cyclists around the world.

Other Places to Look

Check out The Trail Page. It doesn't have any GPS data, but you can get a second opinion on many of the trails I've described. Another good resource is Travel by GPS which has indexed hiking, boating, off-road, sightseeing, paddling and snowmobiling sites around the world with GPS data.

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