Folsom Dike 8 Mountain Bike Trail

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Trailhead: Folsom, California
Technical Rating: Intermediate
Caloric Rating: Average
Mileage: 17 mile loop
Total Climbing: ~1000 vertical feet
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The Dike 8 is not a well known mountain bike trail as it was off limits to the fat tire crowd for many years. The trail starts out relatively easy on the Folsom end but gets progressively more difficult as you go along. You can do this ride as an out and back along Folsom Lake, but I prefer to ride along the lake on the way out and come back on Salmon Falls road. This allows me to traverse more miles of unique single track in a given amount of time.

In mid-summer, your legs may get a few star thistle scratches and you'll have to watch out for some poison oak and the occasional rattlesnake, but this trail can be ridden year around.

If this trail isn't enough mileage for you, I'm including a 0.8 mile tie track to the entrance to Sweetwater Basin Wildlife Area and the corresponding trailhead to the 2.7 mile long Sweetwater Trail in the GPS data files.

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