Clementine Loop Mountain Bike Trail

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Trailhead: Auburn, California
Technical Rating: Advanced
Caloric Rating: Average
Mileage: 12 mile loop
Total Climbing: ~2000 vertical feet

I consider the Clementine Loop to be my "home trail". The loop is actually a collage of six mountain bike trails in the Auburn area all linked together. Park your outfit at the Stagecoach Trailhead parking lot. You'll end your ride here after climbing up the old stagecoach route but you won't be going down that way. Coast down the road to the beginning of the Manzanita Trail.

This fun, technical singletrack winds through the manzanita and merges onto the Stagecoach Trail about a third of the way down to the confluence. There are several dangerous water crossings -- failure can result in a 10 foot fall or worse. Several of my friends have been injured here. If you are unsure, walk your bike and live to ride another day.

The lower part of Stagecoach is fast, albeit a bit bumpy, two track. The speed limit is 15 mph and I hear they've been cracking down on speeders do to the prevalence of hikers, runners and their dogs. If you are an expert rider, you can bypass the lower third of Stagecoach by using Tinker's Cutoff which begins at the 15 mph speed limit sign. Tinker's Cutoff, a.k.a., the Crazy Trail, is currently closed for restoration. I will include a track for it in the GPS data files once it is reopened.

Next, ride the Clementine Trail upstream along the North Fork of the American River before you begin your climb up above Lake Clementine to the start of the Culvert Trail at the green gate. You've got a bit more climbing left and followed by adrenaline packed singletrack back down to the Confluence Trail which continues the excitement along the Middle Fork all the way to the confluence of the middle and north forks of the American river. Woohoo!!

You've got the Stagecoach climb yet but who cares after that!

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