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I didn't promise philosophy (well,... maybe I did), but here's my attempt at depth of thought: Randy's Tenets of Time.

The Horse's Bellyache

Sex and Violence
(September 16, 1998)

Recently, I received an email from a person whom I am certain considers himself a pillar of morality. He was offended by the mermaid on my spearfishing page.

It seems to me, that the moral majority (which is neither), has no problem with children seeing all manner of violence, e.g., brain sucking, decapitation, disembowelment, or dismemberment available in any arcade, prime time television and mainstream movies. However, show a breast in even the most innocent way and they'll cover the child's eyes.

The message sent to our children is abundantly clear. Violence good, sex BAD.

I like the gif. To me, it isn't vulgar, obscene or even a little bit pornographic. If you find it offensive, perhaps you would find the life as a degenerated television evangelist fulfilling. Or Catholic priest.

Prepaid Legal Plans
(April 22 1998)

I received a postcard in the mail this week from "The Breakfast Seminar." They are offering a prepaid legal plan.

PRE-PAID LEGAL PLAN? Huh? Yeah that's right, a fancy euphemism for lawsuit insurance.

Now, for a limited time, the insurance industry (the business of selling nothing) has teamed up with the legal industry (the business of getting something for nothing) for the sole and express purpose of getting more of your money.

Eventually, of course, we can look forward to the day when no-fault legal insurance will be mandatory. Won't that be special?

Coming soon

Randy's Theory of Propagation. Minds out of the gutter, we'll be discussing the mating habits of highway construction cones!

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