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The "More Power" Cold Water Diving Resource Guide

Scuba Diving in California created by Werner Hundt at
...and beyond.

Warm water diving? It's for Sissies!. Give me the frigid waters of the north coast any day and twice on weekends.

...but (whine), the water's too murky, I can't see.

Ya Pansy! Buy a one-way ticket to Southern California and join the rest of the slackers and lightweights all snug and cozy in their velvet lined Yuppy Carts!

Local Folklore - Big Moe; Sparky, Fluffy and Archie

Seadragon © 1996 Jason R. Hanson. All rights reserved. Have you heard about Big Moe? An aptly named 18 foot Great White Shark cruising the waters off the Mendocino coast. He's been displaying his dorsal fin to the delight of abalone divers and spearfishermen alike. A local DSG (dive store guy) even claims he's been systematically bumping rubber boats to provide that tummy tingling sensation we all love so much!

Just remember, tales grow taller in the telling, so don't be surprised if the next time the rumor mill comes around, Big Moe will be callously munching neoprene seals!

Not to be confused with Big Moe, a trio of great white sharks, Sparky, Fluffy and Archie, have been terrorizing surfers near San Onofre in Southern California. Not to worry though, SoCal surfers have never been known for their sand, these minnows are barely six feet in length. If these small fry wander too far north, a cold water freediver will rename the triplets "Lunch".

Enough foolin' about, here are your links to where the water is cold, the spearfishing hot and the abalone sweet. 

California Coast

 Blood Triangle (Santa Cruz --> Bodega Bay --> Farallon Islands)  Central Coast  North Coast

Pacific Northwest and Canada

Sacramento Dolphin Divers Dolphin Divers of Sacramento - I'm a former Webmeister here, so check them out! 

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