Chukar Hunting Guide and Tutorial

How To Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge

So you want to learn how to hunt chukar? I'm not talking about the game farm variety that can't run and can't fly that you'll find stuffed into a bit of cover at a "hunting preserve". Oh no, I'm talking about WILD chukar!

The author after a day chukar hunting in eastern Oregon Hunting the wily and elusive red-legged partridge is my passion. I've never met anyone better at finding wild chukar than I am. That's not a brag. There are four generations of chukar hunters in my family tree and I've earned the knowledge for myself logging thousands of footsore miles in pursuit from the mountains of southern California's Mojave Desert to the rimrock in Montana and every state in between. I can park my truck where the road ends and the mountain begins, look up and tell you where we'll find 'em and I've taught others to do the same. I've even done it looking at topographical maps, although not as reliably.

After I was introduced to the obsession, I read and devoured every article, every snippet, and every reference on chukars that I could find. At the time, there were a few academic articles, but nothing substantial regarding the art of hunting chukars. Most provide pretty pictures, give you a few hints, point you in the general direction and send you on your way. I wanted some meat but eventually despaired of finding any.

In the ensuing years, the chukars, the terrain they inhabit, and fellow chukar hunters were my guides. This work has become an evolving piece in which I document, to the best of my ability, everything I've learned hunting chukars over the past 20 years and what I may learn in the years to come. Hopefully, every chukar hunter, whether a complete novice or the most rock hardened veteran, will find something useful within.

If you are or become an experienced chukar hunter, I hope you will take a few minutes to write me and show me where I've erred, provide me some insight I've missed or regale me with a tale or two. If I include your wisdom in future evolutions of this paper, I will assuredly provide you the credit — or the blame!

Since I'm going to tell you everything I know about chukar, it may take awhile. There will be a table of contents at the bottom of every page to help you navigate around.

Chukar Buffet

  1. How To Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  2. Academy of Alectoris Chukar
  3. Guns to Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  4. Gear to Hunt Wild Chukar Partridge
  5. Dogs for the Desert
  6. Where To Find Wild Chukar Partridge
  7. Hunt Strategies and Tactics for Wild Chukar Partridge
  8. Chukar Partridge FAQs
  9. Chukar Tales and Red-Legged Liars
  10. Weather Conditions and Forecasts for Chukar Country
  11. Chukar Partridge References

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