Chukar Hunting Guide and Tutorial

Weather Conditions and Forecasts for Chukar Country

Planning a trip to chukar country? Current weather conditions for the major chukar hunting locales are shown below. Click the local links for detailed information and forecasts.

The predominate chukar states will be addressed alphabetically. For each state, I'll start in the north and work my way south. Each row will be successively more southern. Weather stations, from left to right are west to east respectively along roughly the same latitude. Have fun, be safe and stow a sleeping bag in your rig, just in case.


Click for Alturas, California Forecast
Click for Bishop, California Forecast
Click for Mojave, California Forecast


Click for Lewiston, Idaho Forecast
Click for McCall, Idaho Forecast
Click for Caldwell, Idaho Forecast Click for Boise, Idaho Forecast
Click for Mountain Home, Idaho Forecast Click for Twin Falls, Idaho Forecast Click for Burley, Idaho Forecast Click for Malta, Idaho Forecast


Northern Nevada (I-80 Corridor)
Click for Reno, Nevada Forecast Click for Lovelock, Nevada Forecast Click for Winnemucca, Nevada Forecast Click for Elko, Nevada Forecast Click for Wells, Nevada Forecast
Southern Nevada (Hwy 50 and South)
Click for Fallon Naval Air Station, Nevada Forecast Click for Ely, Nevada Forecast
Click for Tonopah, Nevada Forecast Click for Caliente, Nevada Forecast
Click for Las Vegas, Nevada Forecast


Click for Pendleton, Oregon Forecast Click for La Grande, Oregon Forecast
Click for John Day, Oregon Forecast Click for Baker, Oregon Forecast
Click for Burns, Oregon Forecast Click for Ontario, Oregon Forecast
Click for Lakeview, Oregon Forecast Click for Rome, Oregon Forecast


Click for Wendover, Utah Forecast Click for Salt Lake City, Utah Forecast


Click for Yakima, Washington Forecast Click for Walla Walla, Washington Forecast Click for Pullman, Washington Forecast

Chukar Buffet

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  7. Hunt Strategies and Tactics for Wild Chukar Partridge
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