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If you don't know what a RandyMile is, you haven't adventured!

According to Merriam-Webster, adventure involves exposure to danger and the encountering of risks. On a randyventure, you may experience autonomous travel (hiking, biking, paddling...) in pitch darkness, the possibility of heat exhausting, exposure, drowning or falling to your death or maybe, if you are lucky, a simple bivouac, i.e., a temporary encampment under little or no shelter! Not dissuaded? Fools rush in where angels fear to tread...

Mountain biking in the Wasatch Mountains

Mountain Biking

Castle Peak thumbnail Mountain Biking! Obsession is such a harsh word. Click a thumbnail for a view from atop the Wasatch Mountains above Park City, Utah or for a self-portrait taken while MTBing in front of Castle Peak, CA. Are you serious about mountain biking, try a FATRAC (Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition) ride or follow the GPS tracks to one of mine!

Road Cycling

Pebble Beach on 17 Mile Drive You wouldn't think road riding could be THAT adventurous. Come on! You just have to be creative!! You need a "Damn the weather weasels, I'm going riding" attitude. Perhaps then you too can ride through miles of lightning and hail. Or try starting a 10 hour ride in the afternoon without lights and proper clothing and see where that gets you. So crank up your imagination and above all, don't let common sense slow you down!

Mountain Climbing

Roxanne and Bones on Pyramid Peak thumbnail Here's a few pix from some climbs I did last year in my beloved Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • A shot of me just before the final ascent of Pyramid Peak. On the right, Roxanne leaning on Pyramid's summit peg with my loyal Chesapeake Bay retriever, Doctor Bones Decoy. They don't know (yet) that they're in for an unplanned bivouac!
  • A view of Lake Tahoe from Mount Tallac.
  • A shot of me in front of Mokelumne Peak. How'd that dang dog get in the picture again?
  • Bones and I on top of Shepherd's Crest, elevation ~12,000 feet. This is the tallest mountain I've climbed, and one of the few places in California inhospitable enough for ptarmigan to live.Shepherd's Crest 
  • Well alrighty then, what's on my climbing calendar, you ask? The Cascades, a volcanic range extending from California to British Columbia. Here's some elevation stats and pictures for every peak in the Cascades over 10,000 feet.

    Conquer the Cascades 
    Lassen Peak 10,457 feet
    Mount Shasta 14,161 feet
    Three Sisters 10,358 10,047 and 10,085 feet
    Mount Jefferson 10,495 feet
    Mount Hood 11,245 feet
    Mount Adams 12,276 feet
    Mount Rainier 14,410 feet
    Glacier Peak 10,451 feet
    Mount Baker 10,775 feet
    ...and now, for a few more "ambitious" peaks 
    Mount Whitney Top of the 48. 14,496 feet
    Mont-Blanc Highest mountain in the Alps. 15,771 feet
    Mount Logan Highest peak in Canada 19,525 feet
    Denali Tallest mountain in North America 20,316 feet
    Aconcagua Tallest mountain in the Americas 22,829 feet

    Back Country Skiing and Kayaking Coming soon

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